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Affiliates & Resources

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Fiscal Agencies
Fractured Atlas
 A NYC membership based organization that offers fiscal agency and healthcare options for members at $75/year. 
The Foundation Center
Detailed information about fiscal agency and how to find a fiscal sponsor.
The essential source for careers in the arts.
New York Foundation for the Arts Interactive
This website offers access to the most comprehensive list of resources for artists in the nation, opening doors to the widest range of financial, educational, technological, and institutional resources and information.
Chicago Women's Health Center
A unique collective working together to provide affordable, compassionate and collaborative gynecological and mental health care to women and trans people in the Chicago area since 1975.
Fractured Atlas Member Options
Healthcare Options for Fractured Atlas members in Illinois.
UIC Health and the Arts Program
The mission of the Health in the Arts Program is to diagnose, treat and prevent arts-related disorders among people working in all aspects of the arts.
Working Today
Working Today is a national not-for-profit dedicated to providing low-cost health insurance for individual artists, freelancers, and small 501(c)3 organizations. Coverage is through a HIP HMO plan.
Service Organizations
Arts & Business Council of Chicago
A&BC-Chicago supports arts groups by strengthening the management of their organizations through educational programs like workshops and forums, and business services linking the for-profit sector.
Chicago Artist Resource
Offers comprehensive resources for dancers' professional development and frequently updated directories of local opportunities and facilities.
Chicago Arts Service Directory
Developed to connect arts organizations and individual artists to the groups that can support them, this directory includes contact information, descriptions, and a chart of services for a variety of expert arts service organizations in the Chicago area. 
Dance USA
Dance USA sponsors council meetings for member artists and groups to meet and discuss current issues and trends in the field, to network in a peer-to-peer, collaborative environment.
Illinois Arts Alliance Foundation
IAAF provides research, public education, programs, and information to enhance the health of nonprofit arts organizations, encourages support of the arts, and highlight the arts' impact on Illinois communities.
Lawyers for the Creative Arts
LCA provides pro bono legal services to qualifying Chicago individuals and organizations in the arts.
SeeChicagoDance.com gathers and communicates the most current information on dance in and around Chicago.
Work Spaces
Arts Partners in Residence Program at the Chicago Park District
download the pdf Artists are offered rehearsal space in neighborhood parks in exchange for teaching classes to park constituencies. Contact Jacqui Ulrich in the ECSE office to inquire.
Links Hall
Links Hall is clean, light, warm, private, and has a great modern dance floor. The space is available for hourly rental through the Creative Time program.
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